Victoria Durnak

Born: 1989
Nationality: Norwegian
Based in: Norway
Media: Multimedia / Video, Painting, Sound / Performance

Past and future encounters trigger my introduction of narrative structure into the mishmash of lived experience. My narratives can be personal, detached, informed by others, nonetheless directed and arranged by me. Personal mythologies unfold through my performances, videos and texts – not just by turning life into art, but also by placing myself in odd situations where any task might become art.

Currently I am working on a method of painting to combine with my videos and performances. I use the Labanotation-system to record movement. The paintings function both as instructions for future performances, and documentation of past performances. Everything can be recorded using this technique. Memories, dreams, the news!

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

A Table Means More Than A Glass, installation view

Architecture In Helsinki, performance view