Ulrika Lublin

Born: 1985
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Cross Discipline, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Conceptual

I work with sculpture and installation, as well as in cross-disciplinary collaborative projects. My interest lay in the ontology of materials and everyday objects – within this ontology there are several layers of connotation, meaning, function, intended use and use value, grammar, memory etc – which when you pick it apart creates different modules possible to rearrange. This rearrangement is a working method as well as a way to create overlays in how we perceive language and physical objects. Current themes and matters I work around include stress-release for functional materials, switching place of use-value and sentimental value, handling things – i.e. giving them a hand/handle and suspending strict definition.
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Portfolio (PDF)

Idle. 2015 (Sleeping mat, parasol base, foam, plastic.)

Scenario (green). 2014. Detail. (Chroma key PVC carpet, metal, plaster, anti-slip mat, etc.) (Not Safe For Work, Konstakademien)

Concrete field and Relax, Shower Curtain. Part of Fieldwork. 2014, Galleri Mejan. (Concrete, reinforcement. Wood, shower curtain.)

ECHOES, REFLECTIONS, TRACES, PRISMATIC DEFORMATIONS, PERSPECTIVE, THRESHOLDS, FOLDS ZK/U (Center for Art & Urbanistics) Berlin. Detail, Dust over clay, Time machine. (Foam, dust). 2013