Thomas Lindvig

Born: 1973
Nationality: Danish
Based in: Denmark
Media: Painting, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Abstract, Conceptual

Overall I am interested in structures - what and how they communicate! Not only physical and concrete structures, but also relational structures and situations between people. Often I isolate an object/action from it’s context, stripping it from it's original function and meaning. Through this displacement I try to re-invent the (idea of the) object, it's status and the original intention of it's purpose. When doing this, the action and process itself is at times quite important to the final result of the work, as more or less accidental marks/impressions become part of the process, thus adding new value to the existing. Both in my paintings and sculptures/installations I try to displace a feeling, an experience or an action, relocating it in new contexts/dis-contexts. I seek to decipher what kind of feeling/impression a structure or an action provokes/generates when being confronted with it! I do not simply replicate the existing, rather I interpret and emphasize certain elements from it, and on this ground I make the work. Part of my investigation within my paintings and sculptures/installations has to do with an elaboration of a physical as well as a mental/transcendental space. When trying to achieve this focus, my work tend to appear abstract and/or minimal in it's appearance, often with an element of abjection. The works in many ways become abstract paraphrases of a deterritorialized action/object. However, the relation to the real (be it a structure, sound, movement or the like) is very important. I tend to call my art praxis 'minimal expressionism' - a strange paradox!

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