Thomas Hämén

Born: 1987
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Germany
Media: Multimedia / Video, Painting, Sculpture / Installation, Other
Content: Abstract, Conceptual, Immaterial, Spiritual


My work is deeply in love with life and in constant war with death.
Currently I'm based in amsterdam where I'm doing the De Ateliers residency program.
You can find a more elaborated statement in the CV

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clay artifacts 3/4/5, airbrush on steel. 3 à 100 x 70 cm

Acrylics on bast, 210 x 110 cm

Blood and tension, video based installation 2014, HD video 15:06 min, blood-rotators, blue liquid, programmed lamps, tables. (documentation video below)

Waterfalls, A composition of waterfalls collected from online games in 2011, merged to a cascade of virtual water. Infinity loop with 3 beamers, wood & mirror vinyl.

The future background of fiction, 2014, Turned on cooking-plates on stands, burnt sound-absorbent.

Bodies 2, Airbrushed ink on paper, 160 x 120 cm