Salla Myllylä

Born: 1961
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Finland
Media: Multimedia / Video, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Architectural, Conceptual

My work, which is somewhere between drawing, painting and moving images, is always connected to a specific place. I used to observe my neighborhood – a suburb in eastern Helsinki – through charcoal drawings and animations, however recently I have been given the opportunity to work on projects in old industrial buildings in Helsinki.

My main interests at the moment are the daily movement of light, the relationship between interior and exterior space and the relationship between still and moving image. I make observations in a particular space, in a particular time of day and a particular time of year. When I find an interesting phenomenon, I start following it with a combination of drawing and time lapse photography. Chance often changes my plans, but what I first consider a disturbance or a failure often becomes the real subject of the work.

For over a year I have been working on the idea of drawing an outline or a mask on a video image physically: by painting, scratching or using masking tape. First the objective of having an outline or mask was essential, later I came to think that the gesture made in the act of drawing was the most important. I began to show this in my works.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Winter light (2012), site specific installation in an old gasworks, Helsinki, masking tape on the floor