Riikka Aresalo

Born: 1970
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Finland
Media: Public Space, Sculpture / Installation, Other
Content: Conceptual, Political, Participatory


Digging holes on the ground with a shovel, getting messy and sweaty and the next day hurting muscles. Or picking up blueberries, cooking them as juice and deep-freezing it – all this because of art I have done, and I loved it.

The works are linked in sites themselves, to its activities or operators. For me, there is no idea of a work without the site or contrariwise. The used materials and working methods serve the idea of the artwork, or, on the other hand, materials or certain method are chosen based on availableness or limitations of a site, or a hypothesized lifecycle of an artwork. All the practical and technical decisions are based on the idea and the site.

The recent works have been temporal and have vanished or will vanish sooner or later. Like us, human beings, we all were once born and we will die, some day. And all what will be left are just memories and pictures.

In art I have found my home and art is the language for me to speak. My works have been mostly exhibited rather outside than inside the white cube and such interventions enable penetrations in people ́s every day living or an attendance as an uninvited guest in a party. But all in all, I wish all the luck for a man ́s journey.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

A Viewpoint to Helsinki and Snow, 2011

Before Blueberry Melts (Frozen Dream, Melting Dystopia), 2015

Black-and-White or White-and-Black, 2012

A Monument of Confusion and Shame, 2011- ongoing

Fisherman´s Friends, 2014

The Expiration (Worth its Weight vol.6), 2015

Greeny Green 2, 2015