Rickard Ljungdahl Eklund

Born: 1987
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Multimedia / Video, Cross Discipline, Sculpture / Installation, Other
Content: Conceptual, Knowledge Production / Discursive, Spiritual


I take inspiration from studying mythology, ethnobotany & cultural history and continually develop my techniques in making sculptures, installations, prints, films, etc.
I often collaborate on projects with musicians, technicians and other artists and am otherwise known for work as an album cover designer, music video maker and vj.

My works & projects aim at being eloquent compositions of their respective ideas. It is my hope that experiencing the work brings about a sense of presence, where attention is given to the tools of perception, and in reflection the co-creation of meaning for the art device becomes clear.

I studied at Valand Academy in Gothenburg, graduating with an MFA in 2014. Recent activities include exhibiting at the CYNETART festival 2016 (Dresden, DE), Forårsudstillningen at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen, DK), a scenography/installation at Bonniers Konsthall (Stockholm, SE) and working as an assistant for artist Haris Epaminonda in Berlin. I am a board member of artist-run gallery BOX and also manage the artist space Upper Hand in Gothenburg.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

APEIRON HELIX (PROTOTYPE). Spiral sculpture with 64 one-way mirror boxes revolving around a LED axis. Plexi glass, one-way mirror film, wire, LED-lights & disco ball motor. 50 x 295 x 50 cm 2015

THE ZENBOT PRIME KNOTS SUMI-E SERIES. A series of 15 scrolls with ink drawings made with a Zenbot CNC-machine. Mounted on hanging printed wallpaper. Ink, printed wallpaper, tape, wood & tarred hemp rope. 15 à 55 x 170 cm. 2015.

DOES A ZENBOT HAVE A BUDDHA NATURE? Videoloop on Raspberry pi 2 computer with LQ video of a Zenbot CNC-machine with a mounted ink brush making drawings. Link to excerpt from loop, 11:08 min: 2015.

KNOTTINESS PATTERN WALLPAPER CYLINDER. Rubber stamps mounted on wall paper printing cylinder. Aluminum, rubber & lever strap. 59 x 22 x 22 cm 2015.

THE IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING A SENSE OF DIRECTION IN THE MIDST OF NOTHINGNESS. A module therapy couch for up to four people. The beds are to be placed to point in the four directions (E, W, N & S). Iron and anechoic foam rubber. 420 x 50 x 420 cm. 2014.

TIME TRAVELLER BINDLE. Wood, Ink, Mesh Bag, six 18th century chinese copper coins and a 1968 english copy of the I-Ching. 12x140x7 cm. 2014.

ICHTHYS/HUMAN. Ichthys symbol made in wood in the height of the artist. Here seen in the light of prisms hanging in the windows of the gallery. Wood & wood stain. 42 x 172 x 12 cm. 2014.

LIBERATION LOOP. 18 still images from Super8 filmloop transfered to digital video. Link to videoloop: 2014.

WHY WOULD A WATER VEIN NEED TO FIND A PLACE TO DIE? Works from master thesis exhibition, Gallery Rotor, Valand Academy, Gothenburg. 2014

PALANQUIN Iron, Wood, Mesh fabric and Jute tassels. 100 x 200 x 300 cm 2013