Poste Restante

Born: 2008
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Cross Discipline, Sound / Performance
Content: Conceptual, Participatory

Poste Restante is the collaboration between Swedish artists Erik Berg, Linn Hilda Lamberg and Stefan Åkesson, founded in 2007.

Poste Restante creates site- and situation specific performances with the purpose to encourage and equip the audience to work with conflicting emotions and ideals. The performances comes in the form of unexpected but honest activities, for exampel, a traning facility where the visitor confronts her difficulties of experiencing rapture or a telephone line for the politically downhearted. Poste Restante’s interest lies within the actual and the parameters of the situation at hand; there are no fictional back-stories, no on and off stage. Poste Restante uses locations, such as abandoned offices, church aisles and anonymous backstreets where the visitors are placed at the heart of an ongoing dilemma. Rather than finding solutions to these conflicts, the work legitimizes all issues and acts as a catalyst for deep reflection on difficult questions and scenarios, such as inner conflicts and shameful desires.

In Poste Restantes work the individual visitor holds the position in being the center, the main character and final reciever. Each visitor is met with respect for her specific conditions and challenges. Information is always clear and the participation concrete and optional.

Poste Restante is an international touring company and has been presented at festivals such as Baltic Circle (FI), Santiago a Mil (CL) and Salzburger Festspiele (AT).

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