Mirka Raito

Born: 1975
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Germany
Media: Painting, Sculpture / Installation, Sound / Performance
Content: Abstract, Conceptual, Spiritual, Participatory

Mirka Raito (b.1975 in Helsinki) is in Hamburg based visual artist, working with painting, drawing and installation. She examines the possibilities of art to reflect the subconscious, mental images, and dreams. Her pictures illustrate how limitlessness the visual world of human mind is. The plain material in her mundane works on paper gives them an added immediacy and they seem to resemble thoughts rather than objects. Her intimate paintings with figurs, abstract- and organ elements are transmiting feeling of premonition, secret or flirt but also melancholy and danger. Continuity, family, kin and relationship are important themes in her work. Human beings carry past and future generation within themselves. In her work and in general in life are repeating, transforming and changing strategies for communicate and survival, or for becoming one with something greater. In addition to her visual works Mirka Raito also does performances with her JOKAklubi group.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

9 HEADBREAKERS 2012-13 each 30x40cm ink and watercolour on paper in exhibition Rrromantiikka in gallery Oksasenkatu, Helsinki

HEAT 2012 / ink on paper / 30x40cm

WIDOWER 2012 / oil on canvas / 40 x 50 cm

SWEDISH COUPLE 2013 / oil on wood / 60 x 80 cm

13 works from 2009-13 / in exhibition People All Call Her Alaska / Frappant e.V. Hamburg

OFF 2011 / oil on canvas / 21x30cm & DANCE 2011 / oil on canvas / 21x30cm

ALL AND NOTHING 2012 / 53x65cm / oil on canvas

THE BOOK 2012 / 40x50cm / oil on canvas

DAS KIND ( the Child) 2013 / ink and watercolour on paper / 30x40cm

WALL 2012 / ink and watercolour on paper / 40x30cm