Mikko Sinervo

Born: 1981
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Finland
Media: Photography
Content: Abstract

Background of my artistic work is based of my perception of the surroundings – especially light and time. I aim to collect different kinds of elements – shapes, colours, surfaces, sounds – and to store them. Later I look back to my notes and use them as the base of new work. Working with various kinds of processes these notes start to take new shapes until they reach towards ready work. The result is abstract work that more or less is separated from the original. As an artist I also try to give a possibility to a happenstance and accidents. By using them as a possible source I am able to seek new dimensions within my work and to carry my thoughts ahead.

Afterimage series is motivated by the problem in what way visual perception of light can be captured, fixed and represented. Images in this series are based on my perception of direct sunlight hitting my retina. In reference to James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson, my engagement with this issue has a particular focus on the aspect of human memory and the question as to how visual perception is processed in terms thereof. Perceived sensation as subjective memory presents the underlying theme of my abstract photographic works.

If daylight produced by the sun provided the raw material the “Afterimages”, it is the light generated by stars of the nocturnal sky that inspired me towards my series “Do the Stars Look the Same on the Other Side of the World?”. Interest to expand a scientific viewpoint in dealing with the subject is triggered by my fascination for the boundless nature of the universe, consciousness of which arises when watching the stars at night. In my personal view, the pictures that serve as text illustrations in science books never suffice to satisfy; the objects being too far away, and their images too overclouded with particles of dirt, they are able, merely, to transport an idea of what might be there. This is where the works aim to intervene. Conceptually alluding to the tradition of photography employed as a means to fullfill scientific purposes, I create aesthetic images of my own: celestial bodies bearing individually shaped forms, colours and constellations; literally, products of imagination.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Afterimage #6 (Red Glow), 2008. C-Print, Diasec. 110 x 110 cm

Afterimage #13 (Transition), 2008. C-Print, Diasec. 110 x 110 cm

Afterimage #9 (Rhodamine), 2008. C-Print, Diasec. 110 x 110 cm

Afterimage #24 (Aubergine), 2009. C-Print, Diasec. 110 x 110 cm

Shoemaker-Levy 9, 2013. Archival pigment print. 90 x 59 cm, framed

VB12 (Sedna), 2011. Archival pigment print. 76 x 62 cm, framed

Curiosity 12_4_13 I, 2013. Archival pigment print. 80 x 100 cm, framed

Coma I, 2013. Archival pigment print. 185 x 150 cm, framed

Corona II (Inverted), 2011. Archival pigment print. 137 x 112 cm, framed

Multiverse, 2011. Archival pigment print. 30 panels, á 42,5 x 53 cm, framed