Mikael Christian Strøbek

Born: 1976
Nationality: Danish
Based in: Germany
Media: Cross Discipline, Photography, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Conceptual


I am continually working in different mediums not only to explore the mediums themselves, but also to gain perspective on a matter. It is an important tool for me in my search for both expression and essence. Working with conceptual archetypes, opposition and contradiction gives me a way to research and underline specific themes like, recognition, perception and materiality. Working in the vacuum of oppositions enables me to grasp and handle illusive preconceptions without the interference of definition. I have for some time worked in large-scale photographic installations but find myself and my work recently evolving into a more serial approach, and to a higher degree smaller in scale. Where I earlier worked with photography as surface description, in my sculptures and installations, I now find myself exploring specific materials and how they can be juxtaposed in order to shed light on a given subject.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

„Window“. 2015. Projection

„Grass Stairs“. 2012. Grass

„Corner“. 2015. Photographs mounted on plaster-board

„MirrorMortar“. 2012. Cut-out Photographies mounted on mirroring AluCore

„Mirror Box“. 2013. Photography mounted on plywood box

„Chalk Tree“. 2012. Chalk sprayed onto exsisting tree

„Tumbled Chair“. 2012. White painted wooden chair and smoke coloured PVC plate

„Steel/Lipstick“(Fragiles). 2015. Lipstick on metal box

„Underground“. 2015. Photography mounted on ply-wood folding screen