Mattias Härenstam

Born: 1971
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Norway
Media: Multimedia / Video, Cross Discipline, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Spiritual, Political

I work with several different media, usually more or less simultaneously; sculpture, installation, video/film works and wood cut prints. The starting point for my work is always personal experience and the actual physical material I work with. A recurrent theme is the desire for control and an interest in the situations when it crumbles. The "keeping of up appearances at any cost", the actual cost of doing just that and the moments or situations when control is lost and the chaos underneath surfaces. Beyond lies the fear of failure and the subsequent fall into some undefined abyss. To me that is not just a psychological or existential state, but just as much a political condition. The sculptures relate to similar ideas around control/chaos, surface/what lies underneath, alive/dead etc. But there are also about trying to retrieve something. To me they are attempts to bring back life out of the realm of the dead, like animistic invocations and a way to try to re-enchant an increasingly demystified world.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

I know you are there, installation view at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo 2012. Series of wood sculptures.

In spite of it all, 2012. Wood. Height: appr. 320 cm.

Not a single sound, 2012. Wood. Height: appr. 290 cm.

My mistake, 2012. Wood. Height: appr. 230 cm.

Sketches for a re-animation. installation view at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 2014. Series of wood sculptures.

Sketch for a re-animation I (...everything is different now, but it still feels the same), 2013. Wood. 100 x 100 x 335 cm.

Sketch for a re-animation II (...that door is almost always closed), 2013. Wood. 100 x 100 x 325 cm.

Sketch for a re-animation IV (...nothing, nothing at all), 2014. Wood. 100 x 100 x 320 cm.

Sketch for a re-animation V ( one was to blame really, but still), 2014. Wood. 100 x 100 x 325 cm.

Reconstruction, installation view at Norske Grafikere, Oslo 2014. Installation, wood cut prints and film.