Martin Holm

Born: 1985
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Painting, Sculpture / Installation, Other
Content: Conceptual, Spiritual, Political


“Upheaval”, I believe is the best word to describe the jigsaw puzzle of today’s geo-and socio-political climates. Fundamental tables are being flipped, more than they are turning. You can relate to pieces on the floor but not make them fit into a whole. Most of my works are based in this correlation between confusion and recognition. It is reflected both thematically and materially in palimpsest: Fragments of old atlases and passages from obsolete encyclopedias are transformed from scraps of paper into new images of the world. Intricate landscape rebuses emerge from chaos with the knowledge that they, in turn, are facets of a larger prism. This bigger picture that I paint across works and series is a lateral questioning of perspective.

My interest in cartographical representation as a kind of contemporary landscape painting has slowly evolved beyond site-specific symbolism. For some time now I’ve been using the map as a means to deconstruct my understanding of the present. However in my eagerness to disassemble I’ve lost track of where all the parts go. What remains is an unwavering belief in the medium's worth as a vehicle for narratives. These stories frame instances of where spatial vistas and cultural sceneries converge, and further explore ways of perceiving a changing landscape.

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Axiom Redux, 2015, Collage on canvas, 80x80cm

Brocken Bow, 2015, Collage on canvas, 80x80cm

Our Rubbery Bondage of Time, 2016, Oil, ink, phototransfer collage and gold leaf on plastic glass, 60x40cm

Illuminati Confirmed, 2016, Oil, ink, phototransfer collage and gold leaf on plastic glass, 60x40cm

Keystone, 2013, Colorage on panel, 198x122cm

Trade, 2013-14, Colorage on canvas, 2(166x111cm)

Brave New World Order, 2014, Collage on paper, 750x375cm (15 panels)

HEX, 2016, Collage on panels, ~150 hexagons; each 40cm across.