Julie Clifforth

Born: 1984
Nationality: Danish
Based in: Denmark
Media: Cross Discipline, Photography, Public Space, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Abstract, Architectural


MY WORK is expressed in a long variety of mediums and encircles the field between architecture, memory and material. My focus is to explore the many ways of expression within materials and techniques. However, I often focus on sculpture and drawing.

I am fascinated by sensory memory, where you maintain unprocessed sensory impressions (light, sound, body touches, etc.) for a few seconds before they become center of attention. My focus refers especially to light and shadows, architecture, nature, and, in general, the atmosphere we are surrounded by. I use sensory memory in my drawings and sculptures. Therefore, they often contain a form of indefinable abstract architectural atmosphere. The sculptures arise in a cross-section between sketches and memories from a place I have been combined with an immediate curious approach to materials such as concrete, marble, sand, copper, metal, glass, etc.

Light is an important aspect of my work. I am captivated by light and the way it affects the architecture and creates shadows. In my view, the shadow is on an equal level with the object that creates it.
Memories combined with a sense of curiosity is my force.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

“Ocean” 2016 // 300 x 36 x 600 cm // Sculpture // 21 pieces // Concrete, cement, plaster, acrylic glass, copper, glass, metal, ceramics, raku-fired ceramics, wax, wire, wood oil, cardboard, bamboo sticks, granite, plastic, glue, acrylic paint, mirror glass, floor varnish.

"Architecture in Europe, detail, for future sculpture and installation" 2015 (03) // Drawing

”Depth cannot be without a surface” 2014 // Sculpture // 270 x 360 x 180 cm // Metal, MDF, white acrylic paint, black acrylic paint. // Consists of two separate metal sculptures leaning on each other (in a ballance) on a painted surface. With the thought of light and shadows.

"Untitled" 2013 // Sculpture // Ceramic (porcelain), fired at 1200 ° C, not glazed. // Consists of 8 parts, stacked next to and on top of each other. With the thought of ​​form, lines and landscape.

“Altid er den der, altid giver den fred, altid minder den dig om, at din uro, din tvivl og dine smerter kun er forbigående småting” 2018 Sculpture // 40 x 15 x 25 cm // Glue, dyed MDF, varnish (Realistic Water), white marble, copper, clay, paper (á 38 grams)

"Creating space for body and mind" (I) 2012 // Sculpture // Metal, black akryl paint // Located: Nygårdsparken, Bergen, Norway 01.July - 01. November 2013

"Untitled" (Detail) 2013 // Drawing // 42 x 29 cm // Digital scan of photosensitive paper, pencil.

"Illusion of drawing" (F53) 2015 // Analog photography

“Collage” 2018 // Sculpture // 20 x 15 x 25 cm // Dyed MDF, varnish (Realistic Water), copper, metal clip, nail, raku-fired ceramic, cement, concrete // Mounted on the wall