Jesse Kontoniemi

Born: 1988
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Germany
Media: Multimedia / Video, Painting, Sculpture / Installation, Other
Content: Abstract, Spiritual


Time and politics have no meaning for my work anymore, because valuable art for me combines right media, understanding and devotion for the subject. I’m as open to finite-state machines as I am to wood carving, as long as the story or meaning is well presented through it. Art takes us further as a beings and is the backbone for whole society.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

"Saint Partridge", silkscreen print, 2013 "Wedge" stool, birch, 2013

Matryoshka containers, birch and glass, 2013

"Untitled", acrylics on canvas, 3m x 2m, 2015 Commission work for Asianajotoimisto Ylikraka Oy, Tampere office.

"Bierdos", infrared sensor, Arduino and Unity, 2015 Interactive installation for personal exhibition "faint signals". Jackdaws featured hand-drawn animations and unique fsm behavior. People entering the exhibition made jackdaws fly away, until no movement were stated.

Mural, tile paint, 2014 Commission work.

"fishbirds", markers, 2015

Self-portrait, pencils and markers, 2015

"Murakami", ballpoint pen and pencils, 2015

"October", letterpress print, 2015 "September", letterpress print, 2015

"Rana arvalis", Blender3D, 2015 Base work for 3D project.