Henry Grahn Hermunen

Born: 1963
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Cross Discipline, Painting, Photography, Sculpture / Installation, Sound / Performance, Other
Content: Abstract, Conceptual, Political


Artists have a responsibility - and our art can improve the odds.

The poetic and ecological approach, but also the political strength of art interests me.
Looking at an abstract painting... image the art viewer instead walking into a abstract surrealistic installation.
It is a challenge to invent and develop different techniques but it is also joyful to make crossover fusions of classical and experimental art.

2014 I started to construct a studio at the border to a large forest sanctuary "Tyresta" in Sweden, it should be ready for action now in 2017.


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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Multimedia installation. Titled: The singing Sumerian/ part of: May I present the two systems of thinking, touch your fear, kiss it and step into love. Text from the book titled "Henry Grahn Hermunen" / -One of the persons who came to my exhibition told me about his visit to a museum in Bagdad long time ago. There he saw some ancient statues. Ancient people had them standing at home so they would "send" prayers to the god. Nowadays they looked a bit odd standing there with open mouths and without eyes of precious stones. Their eyes had been carved out for some unknown reasons. So now he asked: -Are those shiny round things in the back wall their eyes? /.

Title: The river of history. I have been developing this my special technique with transparent photo images in several layers, which gives a extraordinary depth. Some example about the idea: We consist of 60-70 percent water. So if we take all your water molecules in your body and divide them equally in our planet's whole hydrosphere, then you will find 250 000 of them in your drinking glass of water (wherever you go with your glass). So, our grandfathers, mothers, plants and animals, all existing life before us in the "history" is also there, in our bodies. The notion of water is full of philosophy and history as many other things around us. The water molecules in our bodies have "recycled" for millions of years -It is the same molecules- again and again in a cyclic chain -from mist to rain, from rain into plants, animals to humans and back again, and now they are you for some "moments" of time. A possible detail of the idea is to aim one or two spotlights trough the transparent image, the light creates beautiful and colorful abstractions in the room and on the exhibition floor, a other interesting thing to mention is that the viewer also can see her own reflection in the shiny Images.

Abstract geometric installation, part 2. Titled: Resonances.

Abstract geometric multimedia installation. Titled: Sisyfos.

Title: Earth Head - Maa Paa. Geometrical wall sculpture of multimedia by Henry Grahn Hermunen Size: 70 x 70 x 70cm. A abstract atom-planet in orbit