Heidi Hove

Born: 1976
Nationality: Danish
Based in: Denmark
Media: Cross Discipline, Public Space, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Conceptual, Participatory

Heidi Hove is an interdisciplinary artist, who lives and works in Copenhagen (DK). In 2007, she graduated from Funen Art Academy (DK) and California College of Arts (US). She has exhibited her works in various contexts in Europe and the United States such as The Turku Biennial 2013 (FI), Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen (DK), The Art Laboratory Berlin (DE), Cultural Center CK in Skopje (MK), and the Lab in San Francisco (US). Besides that, she has produced a number of public artworks, such as a giant ‘welcoming’ light sculpture in the desert near Bledsoe, Texas (US), a social sculpture in the form of a memorial bench near the Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen (DK) and a historical town gate for a thoroughfare in the heterogeneous neighborhood of Ålekistevej in Vanløse (DK). Awards and commissions include working grants from The Danish Arts Foundation (2012-2013), winner of the Turku Biennial 2013 (FI), performance at Horsens Gymnasium commissioned by The Danish Arts Foundation (2014) and ‘house-artist’ with invitation from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, DK (2015).

Besides her individual practice, Heidi has been involved in different curatorial projects. She co-curated, along with Jens Axel Beck (DK) the award-winning exhibition, Lokal Global Plan in the public space of Vanløse (DK) in 2011 and since 2007, she is co-curating the international Deadpan Exchange series with Jonn Herschend (US). Additionally, she is the co-founder of two artist initiatives in Copenhagen (DK); Koh-i-noor (2004-13) and Exhibition Space Sydhavn Station (since 2012).

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

1.HEIDI HOVE, Footprints, 2014. photobook, A5, 24p, 1st edition, 50 copies. Photo by Heidi Hove.jpg

2.HEIDI HOVE, Footprints, 2014 (detail), 2014. Photo by Heidi Hove

3.HEIDI HOVE, Be Remembered - a monument for Randers, 2014. Busts for the showroom (detail), 2014. Photo by Heidi Hove.jpg

4.HEIDI HOVE, Dagny and the flies 2002-14. 168 flies, glue, paper and notebook (detail), variable dimensions. Photo by Heidi Hove

5.HEIDI HOVE Backyard History I, 2013. Variable dimensions, glass displaycases, info signs, glass shards from childhood garden and reproductions. Turku Biennial 2013 FI. Photo by Heidi Hove

6.HEIDI HOVE, Backyard History II, 2013. Digital c-print and a stone from a 'monument' from my gradparents old farm house. Turku Biennial 2013. Photo by Heidi Hove

7.HEIDI HOVE, The Refrigerator, 2013. A fridge & its content, 170x87x80cm, exhibit of the gallery owners private refrigerator at their exbition space in the dinning room of their house, Isolation Room / Gallery Kit, St. Louis, US.Photo by Heidi Hove

8.HEIDI HOVE, Rebus, 2013. Modified bedsidetable with a drawer in the drawer etc.., 40x63x38cm. Photo by Heidi Hove

9.HEIDI HOVE, Mirror, 2013. Frosted glass, brushed aluminum, hour indication and mirror, 19.5 x 19.5 x 4 cm. Photo by Heidi Hove

10.HEIDI HOVE, Disappearing, 2013. HD-video, TRT5.00. Photo by Heidi Hove