Hannu Karjalainen

Born: 1978
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Finland
Media: Multimedia / Video, Photography
Content: Conceptual

Hannu Karjalainen's work, mostly comprising of moving images but also making forays into still photography, sound art and music, often deals with photographic representation as the starting point. Karjalainen’s work challenges and investigates the structures of representation and visuality, especially in relation to cinematographic and photographic concerns. By disrupting and enhancing the visual and architectural space, his work draws attention to the act of seeing and to the role of lens-based technologies in mediating how we see and understand the world.

The recent ongoing series of works RGB (2015-) explores the process of analogue color film. Karjalainen uses experimental methods, shooting through color separation filters exposing red, green and blue color separately. As a result unexpected colorful gaps appear in the photos and films, making us look at the process differently, yet also providing us with an unusual aesthetic experience.

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RGB #002 (2015) 35 mm movie film scanned to HD Video, sound Duration: 9 minutes 01 seconds

RGB #001 (2015) 35 mm movie film scanned to HD Video Duration: 3 minutes 29 seconds

RGB #007 (Unknown Pleasures) (2015) Digital C-print, 72x91 cm

The House Protects the Dreamer (2014) 16 mm film scanned to HD Video, sound Duration: 14 minutes 15 seconds

Towards An Architect (2010) HD Video Duration: 5 minutes 15 seconds

Blackpool Pleasure Beach (2009) HD Video projection on wall painting