Gabriel Johann Kvendseth

Born: 1984
Nationality: Norwegian
Based in: Norway
Media: Cross Discipline, Sculpture / Installation, Sound / Performance, Other
Content: Conceptual, Knowledge Production / Discursive, Spiritual, Political, Participatory

Gabriel Johann Kvendseths was born in 1984 on the tiny island of Karls√ły in Northern Norway. He lives and works in Bergen, Norway.

His practice combines a range of disciplines including but not limited to sculpture, installation, text and performative, participatory constellations.
Through his work he endeavors to explore the nature of value and transaction, thereby attempting to break away from common conceptions regarding ritualistic, practical or economic value in objects, actions and situations.
Fetishization might resonate as a term in his pieces, but fetishism entirely connected to its literal meaning; imbuing the ordinary with extraordinary qualities, beyond its function and intention. He believes that the contemporary, secularized and compartmentalized individual has an unsatisfied desire for ritual, since we have been largely bereaved of the fundamental world views that might relieve us of personal responsibilty.
Materially he has a strong inclination towards abandoned, unwanted objects and disregarded knowledge which he manipulates in vaguely esoteric, idiosyncratic ways, a willed re-primitivization of contemporary artefacts.
Visually his work has equal footing in paleolithic artisanship and contemporary object fabrication.

His work has been exhibited extensively, but primarily in Norway and the neighboring countries.
Kvendseth is a graduate of the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design (KHiB).

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Uskapt / Uncreated (2014) pre-performance

Uskapt / Uncreated (2014) post-performance

The Give Away Archive (2012) When opening

The Give Away Archive (2012) When closing

Time Was Here / Time Was Near (2013) Solid

Time Was Here / Time Was Near (2013) Destroyed and reassembled

Treecrown #6 (2012) Norwegian 1 crown-coins, unretracrable galvanized steel nails

Treecrown #2 (2012) Norwegian 1 crown-coins, unretracrable galvanized steel nails

Disintegration Situation (2013) Midway through performance series