Fritz Hendrik

Born: 1993
Nationality: Icelandic
Based in: Germany
Media: Multimedia / Video, Cross Discipline, Painting, Photography, Sculpture / Installation, Sound / Performance


Fritz Hendrik IV is an icelandic artist currently living in Berlin, Germany. Fritz Hendrik is an artist interested in the act of both the concious and unconcious staging in life, art and culture. In his work he explores these subjects through different fictional stragedies, e.g. in close collaboration with the fictional scholar and theorist Fræðimaðurinn (e. The Scholar) who is an expert in looking at the world through the 'Grey veil' as he calls it, revealing the more grey and poetic aspects of life. Fritz Hendrik's body of works consists mainly of installations, paintings, sculpture, photographs and video.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Staged window with venetian blinds, 2016 (part of the virtual exhibition Witch Window) View it here:

Open window, 2016 (part of the virtual online exhibiton Witch Window) View it here:

Climax, 2016 Oil on canvas, silkscreening, sand, chip wood, MDF

Man in hole, 2016 (part of the installation Climax) Oil on canvas

Poet, 2016 Innstallation from the show NO SOLO held at Skaftfell in Seyðisfjörður.

HANDFULL - On wednesday the 2nd of march 2016 I melted aluminum and poured it into the palm of my hand.

Bate, 2015 Solo exhibition in Kubburinn

Bate nr. 4