Felice Hapetzeder

Born: 1973
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Multimedia / Video, Cross Discipline, Photography, Public Space, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Conceptual, Knowledge Production / Discursive, Political, Post-Colonial, Participatory

My work is based in the photographic practices of video and still image. I am interested in the image of the individual in the eyes of society and the creation of subtle strategies to resist the temptation to fully identify with this image. The work has documentary starting points and is linked to personal experiences. I want my stories to leave openings for questioning of their own logic. I am also interested in cultural heritage production and manipulation of collective memory and oblivion. I work both independently and in collaboration with other artists. An important collaborative project is Local A. with artist Jenny Berntsson working with groups of participants to create contemporary art attempting positive social changes . Carousell with Marit Lindberg, Kristina Kvalvik and Henrik Lund Jørgensen is a project where four artists from three Nordic countries working with video collaborate thru exchange of filmed material to experiment and challenge ideas of ownership and creative processes

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Yesterday Was No Good Day (Lost Monuments)

Art Island

(the question)

Matsushiro Headquarters

4:3 Standard Definition (work in progress within the Carousell framework. Performative aspects in the public realm. Marit Lindbergs footage is mixed with my own.)