Elisabeth Molin

Born: 1985
Nationality: Danish
Based in: Denmark
Media: Cross Discipline
Content: Architectural, Conceptual, Immaterial, Political

My practice is conceptual in orientation and focus on myths and structures within the everyday urban landscape. The stories deal with objects and characters that are in a state of transformation and bring to fore the paradox of self and other, the body and the institution, freedom and constraint.

I continuously investigate how objects act, how they alter with time and change depending on context and presentation. I use various time based mediums to passively observe and actively rearrange and use installations to amplify and subvert ideas of form, display, value and visibility.

Whether installed in a public space or in the gallery the work relate and subtly engages with the architecture and the context. As site specific interventions they function at the edge of awareness, implicitly questioning the scope of perception.

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Decoy, 2013. Installation. Description: 9 Decoy crows are positioned on the rooftop of the exhibition building. They attract local crows that occasionally circulate around the building.

Mike (Addison Lee Courier), 2013. Performance (continuous). Mike is an Addison Lee courier who I met resting on a bench in central London. He dresses in full combat gear. During the exhibition I invited him to perform himself.

Untitled (Guard), 2013. Performance (continuous). A woman is dressed in the same colour garments as the wall. She is wearing a wristwatch where the time has been replaces with a mirror.

Diet Coke, 2013. Hd Video, 0.18 min. Played in changing intervals

Nighcleaner, 2012. Hd Video. 2.20 min loop. The film was shot at a gallery at nighttime when the nightcleaners work. The hoover appears to be depositing dust in the space as oppose to clean it up because the film has been reversed.

Notes On Black, 2014. Installation View. 120 x 35 x 30 cm

Keyser, 2013. Installation View. Leather Shoes with Water, 15 x 65 x 45 cm

Venus, Hermes, Artemis, 2013. C type Prints 85 x 56 cm. Found Statues in Gardens of Versailles, France

Venus, 2012. Gift Shop Venus de Milo, Empty Display Space V&A. C type print 65 x 85 cm

Floating Stone, 2013. Site Specific Installation. Battersea Bridge, London