Corinna Helenelund

Born: 1985
Nationality: Finnish
Based in: Finland
Media: Public Space, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Architectural, Immaterial, Spiritual


Corinna Helenelund is a Finnish-Swedish artist working with sculpture and installation. She got an MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 2013 and has since then been living and working on the country side of Porvoo, Finland, and in Berlin. Her work has its base in the impossibility to fit and keep the morphing formlessness of life and all our emotional experience inside the human body and the squares of civilization. This includes both a pull towards intense emotional states with their distorted colors, proportions and perspectives, and an interest in environments that alter our sense of being through incomprehension and bewilderment.

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Night Again, 2016. Mixed textiles and stuffing.

Night Again, 2016. Mixed textiles, super adobe bags, mixed stuffing (sand, wheat, wood, steel).

Pony Play, 2016. Installation in mixed textiles, tent poles, sand and synthetic stuffing.

Pony Play, 2016.

Walls and Waves, 2016. Super adobe bags and 2000kg sand.

Walls and Waves, 2016. Textile paint on acetate.

Walls and Waves, 2016. Found fabric, stuffing.

Thick Tack (The Slime of Time), 2015. Series of sculptures in mixed textiles, textile paint, dye, copper, bamboo, stuffing.

Thick Tack (The Slime of Time), 2015.

Between Breaths, 2015. Lining fabric, stuffing and wood.