Anne Louise Blicher

Born: 1979
Nationality: Danish
Based in: Denmark
Media: Painting, Other
Content: Spiritual, Political


I work in oil on canvas and panel and with print on paper, fabric and wood. The set of for my artistic practice is representationally but I often break down or hide parts of the motive and let it fade out to a point where it becomes pure surface.

I’m fascinated by the contrast between the visible and the hidden. I look for a state between things, where the inbetween is in focus. In this interplay between figure and the negative space I strive for new ways of seeing reality.

My motives are nature and society. I ask questions about the idea of the natural. The nature of things. I’m interested in the small foldings of reality as when nature in itself is fantastic almost supernatural or the unnatural compositions of social structures.

In the moment I explore the nature of the Wadden Sea. Almost all life in the wade exists buried in the sand. I'm interested in the symbiotic relation between high and low tide, the sun, moon and earth, the eternal repetition. Everything is interrelated, included.
I have started to print on thai silk and have done some prayer flags with animals specific for the Wadden Sea and am in the process of printing some large scale silk "curtains" as well.
I'm trying to combine the negative and positive space in new ways using glow paint.

In an upcoming project, which I will develop at a residence in NY, my starting point is the opposite. it will be about exclusion concentrating about the ideology of "Danishness" emphasising the 19th century national romantic idea of "the people", a view of Danish society as homogeneous and socially egalitarian represented by Grundtvig - Danish pastor, author, and politician. Following this core concept of Danishness – equality conceived as similarity or sameness –the idea of difference is working to prevent specific categories of racially/ethnically coded people from being included in the nation. I will relate this Danish sameness, which to me is an unnatural, artificial state of being, to the American ideas about homeland and nationality.Technically I will continue printing large scale on thai silk and on wooden panels cutting out silhouettes of national monuments adding illuminating outlines with glow paint.

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