Anna Viola Hallberg

Born: 1967
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Multimedia / Video, Public Space, Sculpture / Installation
Content: Conceptual, Knowledge Production / Discursive, Post-Colonial, Participatory


About: Anna Viola Hallberg develops her artistic works as installations: video, sound, photography and text. Starting out from post-colonial, migrant and feminist perspectives, she attempts to insert disrupt predominant narrations of the shared (history & space). She often converge the role of artist, curator and filmmaker and occasionally work together with other artists and scholars.

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My works are time and site sensitive, they are approaches to insert disruptions in predominant narrations. My method is often research oriented situating a select group or topic to intervene in a process with to dismantle social or geopolitical contingencies. It does not explore objectivity as a philosophical reson, but is based in responsiveness on personal and collective testimonies and set in context to other pre-negotiated narratives to create new discursive contexts.

In this essence I see art as a site for elasticity, for critical dialogues, for doubt, for attempts for reestablishing a sense of direction or rhythm and yet to disengage with conformity. I see my practice as a critical tool to reveal covert layers in society and explore the dimension of art as a reflective ground for consciousness of shared space, and resource, from a vantage point committed to society a public entity.

Member of KRO/National Arts Organisation, Sweden

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CV (PDF)Portfolio (PDF)

Installation view: Luleå Konsthall, Sweden Title: Recursive Distance Series: Typologies of Silence Original title: Rekursivt avstånd Trt: 16 min Format: ProRes, 3×1920×1080m stereo sound Language: Swedish (no subtitles/adaptable Engl version) Year: 2015 Video Preview: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The foreign, the distance the ungraspable might appear strange. In Recursive Distance Hallberg evokes a space where archival material, news images and personal stories paves way to bridge resistance issues and existential matters. The artist here uses historical references among them a direct action in 1979, where LGBTQ people in Sweden called in sick, reporting homosexuality as the reason (code 302,00). A subversive action using the system to indicate how inadequate it is. In it’s form and content the art work creates a space for the aesthetics of the 70’s and ”the personal as political”. Typologies of Silence explores contested territories/spheres between public and private and addresses so called silent discourses, from an intersectional analysis on power structures. The projects are performed from a critical stance where social conditions and constructions of identities are seen in relation to structures of power in shared space/public sphere and cultural memory.

- Work in progress on new episodes of IMPERIAL DIFFERENCES - Tile: Borderland Series: Imperial Differences Trt: loop (pre amble to Overlap Between Two Format: ProRes, stereo sound, 2.35:1 (cinemascope)
Year: 2015 Title: Overlap Between Two Trt: 20 min Format: ProRes, stereo sound, 2.35:1 (cinemascope) Language: English and Russian Year: 2015 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Imperial Differences was  initiated during an art residency at SPACES where Hallberg addressed topics of the acclaimed Kitchen Dialogues (Moscow 1959)* but via Russians living in Cleveland, Ohio. With Hallberg this specific community dismantle covert topics in social and political contingencies, and the relation between domesticity and political containment.   The two fold video work consists of Overlap Between Two, where extracts  from longer conversations are assembled in an essay film format, combining interview footage and reworked material from the public domain. The other video with the title Borderland is a cinematic prelude to the essay film,   with desolate  view of a forest with lingering fog. Up on entering the space the visitor encounters Borderland, walking around the wall on slant Overlap Between Two unfolds.

Installation view: Mock-up (Museo de Cuidad, Queretaro) Title: Reminiscence Series: Typologies of Silence Trt: 17 min (ch1), 17 min (ch2) Format: 2x ProRes, 1920×1080m stereo sound Year: 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The leakage between artists, Bror Kronstrand and Anna Viola Hallberg, represents two eras and two different types of work on identity and desire. The artists intersect in a silent dialogue traveling the same route between the harbor of Vera Cruz via Metlac and Mexico City to The Avenue of the Dead . In todays Mexico, the at Kronstrands time famous railroad is only used by cargo trains and migrants taking illegal rides as they move north on “La Bestia”. But also in Kronstrand time it was a migrant route but of European immigrants. The climax of the installation Reminiscence is the bridge at Metlac with its two bridges the one with the famous curve following the landscape and the new tall double bridge in concrete so un humane that many people stop to pray before passing. The work consists of photographs by Kronstrand & Hallberg with 3 contextualizing videos by Hallberg.

Title: Between the Two of Us Series: Typologies of Silence Trt: 45 min Format: ProRes, 1920×1080m stereo sound Year: 2014 Published recordings (Spotify, Amazon etc) made for Between the Two of Us ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Performance infront of camera based on the artists passport photo and 4 new versions of the Swedish National Anthem, the musicians were given free hands with interpretation and translation of the Swedish National Anthem for the Album ”Peoples Voice”, Folkets röst, released on June 6th 2014 vi Spotify and other online platforms and at the same time performed live at the National Museum of History in Stockholm. Migration has polarized European politics for decades, a transformed landscape with open boarders for the ones on the right side of them, this accentuates a series of questions. Developments in Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Ukraine and Swedish national politics is significant for the configuration of Between the Two of Us. In Between the Two of Us, several aspects engaging Hallberg are coming together; to bring forward and critique the ambiguity between the private and the public, between the narrative and the documentary and between the watcher and the watched. The four interpretations of Thou old, Thou free, Du gamla, du fria: Svarta Safirer (Romani) Sîdar (Kurdish) Josef Cacan (Assyrian) Gålmuk (Sami) Produced together with Matrona/Cicela Björklund at Cobra Studios Stockholm, Sweden.

Title: Making the Immortal (essay film +installation) Series: Making the Immortal Trt: 9 min Format: ProRes 1920×1080, stereo, b/w (based on footage and photographs from B. Kronstrand ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Private photographs, documents, and 16 and 35 mm film that have been found in the archives. The project discusses cultural memory, art history and politics. The essay film highlights aspects of the public interest for Kronstrand and his own approach to celebrity. This is set within the context with contemporary production conditions for artists and policies of the state cultural agenda. Project started with a consultation with a clairvoyant person. The work also held public engagements arranged by the artists. ___________________________________________________________ Collaboration: Björn Perborg

City Art Lab Minsk (BY) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CityArtLab works in and with public space. Professional artists work with contingencies in the city at times as communal projects but always as collaborate efforts. Murals, performance, text, sound, video & photography projects. Presentations and workshops (text, photo/video, painting) were important parts of the projects as well as series of dinner conversations to set the agenda for specific art project to be carried out. During the first CityArtLab Hallberg opened a temporary kunsthalle in Mariestad as well as staffed/ trained unemployed people to run it for the project period of six months. Already in 2010 she was committed to the project by opening an office to anchor the project with cultural institutions, organizations, local companies and the municipality administration and politics. Hallberg has additionally arranged video art screenings in public space, Gothenburg and public presentation by mural artists with discussion on art in public space.

Title: State of Mind Media: Installation, 11 color photographs (c-prints), seven monitors (sd) and one projection (hd) with sound (stereo). Also contains a prologue and epilogue, workshops & public presentations ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title: MOMENT: Grimmered (2012) - Brothers Media3 channels, 40 inch monitors mounted in wall. No sound Title: MOMENT: Grimmered (2012) – Family Archive 1839-2004 Media: gislee print/ hot press bright 100% cotton 61 x 38 cm Title: The Documents Media: 12 facsimile with comments ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title: Resonance Media: 2 channel projection, ProRes, b/w sound ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title: Resonance, Conversation Media 1 channel on monitor w headphones, b/w sound trt: 80 min & 20 panoramic fiber prints (bw) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STATE OF MIND - Explores everyday life and the boundaries between ethics, legislation, prejudice and civic expectations in the LGBTQ-life of St. Petersburg, Russia focusing on lesbians and bisexual women. Leadership, democracy and human rights are central matters. The artists have been collaborating with organizations, activists and select individuals in St Petersburg during returning visits. An exploration in search of the work towards agency and change in everyday life. (2006-2008) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MOMENT: Grimmered, documents, memory, stories - The family archive, spanning from 1839 to 2004, contains letters, plans and miscellaneous official documents, as well as photographs and Super 8 films. The remaining acts testify to the small farmer’s attempt to make their voice heard during the transition period from agricultural society to the modern welfare state (2007/12) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RESONANCE - Focuses on a network of peers belonging to a successful generation of artists and curators. They are all women who entered the Scandinavian art scene in the 1990´s, and now have international careers. On one level Resonance is an examination of the Nordic welfare state. It looks into the impact of the conditions this creates for the portrayed women to succeed on the art scene. (2005-2006) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Collaboration: Annica Karlsson Rixon

Installation view: State of Mind (video segment 11 monitors w headphones + projection with soundscape)