Anna Sundström

Born: 1981
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Photography
Content: Spiritual


In my pictures, I return constantly to man, it`s psyche and reflective about being human, to live and how life affects us from different directions. But also that which is within us physically, anatomy, and all that is hidden behind our outer body. My pictures often takes place in room / landscape where people are in centered. I am inspired by reality, myself and my dreams. I work very controlled and much of the time of a work consists of preparation and planning. 2008-2010 I studied at the Photo School in Stockholm, an education that gave me a lot of knowledge of all the commercial industry in photography.
I knew early in the education that my creativity was directed to the artistic.
The last few years I have been working with photography in different ways to make a living. Freelanced in advertising, architecture, portrait, worked as a teacher, but always had my own projects on the side. For the moment I am working whit a artistic embellishment of the Psychiatric Clinic in Visby. A assignment I take very seriously. That is a big challenge to create photographs for people who are mentally ill.

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"Blood will be shed". During the15 years I have dreamed brutal dreems about death, carnage, and blood. Pictures I do not want to see, experiences, I do not want to experience. I am convinced that the dreams are a reflection of our world, which is about to collapse. The project Blood will be shed is approached to my subconscious. My images are a reflection of the feelings and images which will flow freely through me. In my pictures I use double exposures, to represent the dreamy image. The red membrane is detail pictures I photographed at slaughter, and become a symbol for all the the blood which is the essence of my dreams.

Blood will be shed

Blood will be shed

Blood will be shed

Blood will be shed

Progression- from the series I´m waiting here. I m waiting here" is a series where I explore the state of man is facing various stages and choices in life. In waiting of these selections, a vacuum, a stillness of expectation is present, or the opposite, fear and anguish. I have deliberately chosen the faces turned away / hidden, then it creates an anonymity around the person, and the image will be about the condition and feeling instead of the person's identity.

Motionless -from the series I´m waiting here

Hold on -from the series I´m waiting here

Out of the blue -from the series I´m waiting here

Cotton -from the series I´m waiting here