Alva Willemark

Born: 1988
Nationality: Swedish
Based in: Sweden
Media: Multimedia / Video, Painting, Photography, Sound / Performance
Content: Conceptual, Gender, Political, Participatory


Alva Willemark, born 1988, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work mainly focuses on physicality and often investigates intimacy, authority, trust and control in various types of public participation and unspoken agreements. With interest in interaction and affection, she explores the minds of the body and an ”in-between-humanity language”. Her working method is interdisciplinary but with a bodily focus performativity forms the basis for installations, performance, text and video. The past two years Willemark has mainly worked under the name ‘Kroppsnära tjänster‘ – an ongoing investigation of affective body-related labors; touch, intimate studies of movement, personal meetings and the body as commodity. Through ’Kroppsnära tjänster’ she stretches a line between pleasant and unpleasant and makes visible an intimate politics of health revolving around concepts such as ”physical communication”, ”care”, and ”gaze”.

Willemark has exhibited mainly in group shows and festivals in Germany, Norway, and Sweden. She got her BA in Fine Arts from Umeå Art Academy in 2015 and in May 2017 she got her MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design.

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Portfolio (PDF)

Kroppsnära tjänster; Care as choreography Room installation: 3 channel video / 2 channel audio

Kroppsnära tjänster; Weight duvet. Participatory performance

Kroppsnära tjänster; Care, cure, curious. Performance, Konstfack, Stockholm

Kroppsnära tjänster; Pleasure box. Cards from performance where I fed the visitors in the gallery