A Kassen

Born: 1976
Nationality: Danish
Based in: Germany
Media: Cross Discipline, Painting, Photography, Public Space, Sculpture / Installation, Sound / Performance
Content: Architectural, Conceptual

A KASSEN is an artist group based in Copenhagen and Berlin. We are Morten Steen Hebsgaard, Tommy Petersen, Christian Bretton-Meyer and Sören Petersen. We studied at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and Städelschule, Frankfurt and Akademie Bildende Künste, Munich. We like to work conceptually and site specific. Architectural interventions, photography, sculpture. The idea sets the course. Two of us recently moved to Berlin. Grosses treffen is in that way a perfect chance for us to meet up with new people. Would very much like to take part that sunday. best, Tommy and Christian

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Permanent visitor. 2011. A stand in is in front of a photo, mirroring the room.

Public commission 2012. Building cut in two. The top part displaced by 25 cm.

Endless döner 2007. Brancusi made folk art in to high art. We took it back again.

Mural. 2009. Wallpaint being removed showing old colours on the wall. Creating a mural out of existing paint.

Colour of things. 2014. A photo of a vase. Vase turned in to pigment and painted directly on the wall.

Cobblestones. 2011. Classic sculpture taken from baroque garden. Turned in to cobblestones and put in the pavement in front of museum during exhibition.

detail photo of the cobblestones.

Drawer. 2007. We put a drawer in the gallery wall to puncture the architecture.

Drawer. Now open.

Minus roof. 2011. We took part of the museum roof of. The guest could either go to the nearby local airport and sign up for a flight over the museum. (2 person plane). Trying to make a connection between the ground and the sky.